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Skill Building Groups
Substance Abuse Intervention

The purpose of the Substance Abuse group therapy program is to educate and empower individual to resist drug or alcohol abuse by acquiring a new lifestyle and developing new life skills.

IMCES has developed several innovative programs and interventions for the treatment of substance abuse. These services are culturally and linguistically appropriate and are designed to serve both adolescents and adults. All programs meet weekly and are conducted at our clinic in Los Angeles.


The program includes a guided curriculum:

  • Legal Implications

  • Neurological Effects

  • Addiction Process

  • Abuse vs. Addiction

  • Lifestyle Choices

  • Relapse Prevention

Health and Wellness


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Our Health & Wellness Program is an integrated benefits program that encourages our clients and the community to work with our team of health and wellness professionals to educate and encourage them to improve their health and well-being. The Program provides support by engaging the participant in their own “path” towards optimal health and wellness by providing a variety of resources and an integrated health management model.​

"Wellness in the Park"

To engage the community and provide fun activities for the entire family, IMCES is taking our activities and resources out of the clinic and into the outdoors. IMCES offers activities for all ages that promote harmony and revitalization, including such programs as:


  • Meditation and Yoga

  • Promotion of Physical, Mental, Social, & Spiritual Health and Self-realization

  • Educational Presentations

  • Family Events

  • Children’s Games

  • Older Adult Activities

Life Skills Training

Computer Skills and Job Search

IMCES Life Skills Training is available for adults looking to develop or enhance their computer skills and employability.Comprehensive Microsoft Office Training which is offered to provide the necessary skills to qualify for any office position from entry-level to more senior administrators/managers. In addition, we offer job search skills such as preparing resumes, cover letters and searching for jobs online.​

Resource Development,

Citizenship & ESL Classes

Social Responsibility

While IMCES cherishes the diversity and proliferation of all languages and cultures, we also promote a common language to bridge the differences and facilitate communication and understanding. IMCES offers ESL (English as a Second Language) courses for monolingual clients. ESL education helps connect our community members to resources and assists them in developing towards self-sufficiency.​

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