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Required Qualifications

For all of our clinical training programs, including Doctoral Internship, Postdoctoral Residency, and Clinical Training Program for Social Work and MFT, applicants must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be able to prove (or possess) Citizenship (Permanent Resident, Work Visa or Student Visa)

  • Be an International Intern Student with Student Visa

  • Not have a felony conviction within the past six years

  • Be able to pass a Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI background check

  • Be physically and emotionally stable

  • Have some experience utilizing Evidence-Based Practices with a community population

  • Have some experience in community mental health settings and/or with culturally diverse populations

  • Have a strong commitment to working with underserved populations in a community mental health setting

  • Have an interest in developing leadership, administrative, and supervisory skills

  • Be willing to acquire skills in developing and utilizing outcome measures to evaluate treatment effectiveness

  • Have an ability to be flexible and adaptable to change

  • Have advanced to candidacy status (dissertation either completed or proposal approved) for pre doctoral intern in Psychology major

  • Be registered with the BBS if are MFT and MSW interns

  • Have a valid driver's license in the United States

  • Have personal vehicle and valid insurance

  • Possess a 3 years clean driving record

  • Not possess record of a DUI

  • Provide a minimum of 40 hour per week commitment (flexible schedule to be proactively responsive to self, client and agency needs)

  • Possess strong organizational and time management skills with flexible and “can do” attitude

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